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12 Tips To Enjoy The Holiday Season

  Breathe. Focus on taking deep and relaxing breaths all day. Feeling rushed – take a minute or two to breathe deeply and then set about your day. Simplify. Just because you did it last year (and the year before and the year before), it doesn’t mean you have to still do it. Let go […]

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Guidelines to Improve Health for You & Your Family

Improve your family’s health by following the guidelines below: Make sure you get the best nutrition available, i.e., organic, whole foods. Avoid processed foods. By doing this you will prevent an increase of further toxicity with heavy metals, pesticides, flavour enhancers like MSG, color additives, GMOs, preservatives and chemicals. If you are going to eat […]

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Struggling with the Blues ?

Mind & Spirit, Uncategorized December heralds the busyness that goes with Holiday Celebrations. In addition to the fewer daylight hours, the added pressure that accompanies Christmas can unfortunately for many people make the holiday season less than cheery. When stress goes up, your mood can go down. Stress influences many biological and biochemical processes that […]